Art-Therapy LRS GmbH
Luciana Reis-Savioz

Creativity at the Service of Personal Development

How it works?

"Expression alleviates, but creation - only creation - transforms"  

J.P.  Klein

The "artistic representations" produced by the attendees will be...

...the basis used to explore life's situations, difficulties.. 

...the resource to build on development & evolutions

Integration, adaptation ...

Symbolic language developed during the session operates as a revelation... 

... which will facilitate access to new feelings,     

    unexplored possibilities.

Crisis leads to development...

What words are sometimes unable to express...

...creation will enable visualization and discovery of  

   new solution to get out of the crisis

What does the art-therapist ?

...  they will support the attendees to clarify & reach

     their personnel project & life's objective